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space for trainers

MAX OUT Fitness offers conducive gym space for free lance trainers to conduct their trainings at low prices. Unlike most gyms, we also provide lead generation for trainers to boost and expand client base.

  • 250 slots trainer


How To Get New Clients

Are you a personal trainer who’s struggling to get more paying clients?  Unsure how to market yourself without spending a lot of money?


Sign up for our BE a MAX OUT TRAINER (BMT) coaching program tailored for you to learn how to sell personal training services better using our proven personal trainer sales script and strategies that we have used again and again to close more deals and gain more clients, helping them reach their fitness goals.

Through our unique BMT program, you will understand how to: 

  1. Boost your online presence & get more leads

  2. Conduct a successful personal training trial for a potential client

  3. How to close/ask for the sale 


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